Friday, December 08, 2006

Anyone wanna interpret this dream?

I dreamed that I was meeting my family at a restaurant. I was late getting there. They had already started eating. It bothered me that they hadn't waited for me.
On top of that, the hostess and waitress were giving me grief for not being on time. Apparently, Alice Cooper was expected to arrive to begin shooting a movie, and my tardiness might mess up their arrangement with Mr. Cooper's schedule.


I began to get short with the employees. After all, I was already feeling bad about being late. I didn't need their attitude.
That's when the husband made an appearance in my dream.
He tried to calm me down. But once it became apparent that I was too far gone to calm down, he suggested that I step outside before I cause a scene and say something I'd be embarassed about later. (He knows me so well.)


Outside I went. By myself. By choice.

There were a lot of people outside, waiting to catch a glimpse of Alice Cooper when he showed up. I couldn't have cared less. I was grumpy.
Turns out that I was standing in a crowd of Alice Cooper's movie producers. They decided that the surly look on my puss was the perfect look they wanted for the extras in the movie.

So, they did up my hair, put me in some funky clothes, and *I* got to be in Alice Cooper's movie.
All because no one waited for me, and because other people were mean to me.

What do you make of a dream where I start out feeling so sad and angry, and end up feeling SO vindicated?


Lemon Stand said...

Wow, why can't I have dreams like that?

Rave said...

Sounds like you think you are being wronged....but happenstance makes up for it.

I say Rock On!

Richmond said...

Uhhhh... MAybe the universe is telling you to buy more black eyeliner? ;-)