Wednesday, November 01, 2006

One more thing that irritates me...

Addendum to this post:

14) When people misuse pronouns like yourself and myself.
"I got myself a haircut."
"Get yourself signed up..."
In those cases, you don't even need to use that extra word.
Not horrible, but still...

But I really, super, hate it when they do this:
"Myself and the others want to know..."
"Come along with Roses and myself..."
"Myself" doesn't do anything! *I* want to know! You can come with Roses and *me*!

Shoot myself! Shoot myself, now!
(See how wrong that is?)


Tink said...

Oh I agree. I'm a real stickler for proper english. Just ask my kids, lol.

jaj said...

Yes, yes, yes! And it irritates me when people incorrectly use the word 'don't' - He don't know what to do - augh! And everytime I hear it I have to bite my tongue and not shout out DOESN'T! He DOESN'T know what to do!

loria said...

I understand where you're coming from. But I'm from the south and proper english for me is hard. Ask my daughter,who corrects me all the time. I do say-yall and ain't. Sorry!!
I am trying though.

Richmond said...

Axe me a question and then could you borrow me some money??

Ugh... ::shakes head::

Roses said...

And do I really need to mention me?

"Me and him..."

My grade school teacher taught me (ha! it's me!) when in doubt, take one person out.
That way a sentence like:
Me and him went fishing.
Sounds like:
Me went fishing.
Him went fishing.

My kids are really getting sick of being corrected.
Which makes me (me!) wonder where they picked up the grammar, because their father and I don't speak that way.


jaj said...

They learned it from the kids at skool.

Rave said...

I really hate there and their, and bring and take.

There and their is usually written wrong, whereas bring and take are spoken incorrectly.

Oh- but lets not forget who and whom!!