Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The First Five Minutes

I liked this post by The Lemon Stand today.
I'm not sure I can commit to an entire good day, but perhaps I can make it for at least five minutes...

You see, yesterday, I heard a nice little story about how the first five minutes you spend with anyone will determine the rest of your time with that person.

For example:
How did you greet your children when you woke up this morning?
Were you tired and crabby? rushed? barking orders?
(or am I the only one like that in the morning?)

Instead, the idea is to make a point to be extra loving and caring for the first five minutes. The kids feel good about Mom, and the rest of the morning goes so much nicer.

Well, of course, this morning didn't go so good for me....

The good news is, we have several opportunities everyday to re-start our first five minutes.

Today, when work is done, I'll actively seek out each member of my family and give them each their own special hug.
No nagging allowed. And no pointing out where backpacks shouldn't be left on the floor.

And we'll see how the evening goes.

Today, five minutes; tomorrow, the world!


Carter Clark said...

what about dads?

Roses said...

I know.
I was in a hurry when I typed this up this morning.

It applies to all areas of your life.
How do you greet co-workers? With a happy "Glad to see you," or a "Crap, it's Monday"?

The first five minutes with anyone.

Richmond said...

Something to think about for sure!

Lemon Stand said...

Love your post! It's something I should put on a post it note on my frame! Thanks for the link!

wRitErwbLock said...


Tink said...

I take it, that is doesn't necessarily mean the first thing in the morning, but the first 5 minutes you spend with the person during the day?

Roses said...

Tink: Exactly! The first five minutes (oh, let's say) with the spouse, which includes the morning and again after work.

I really didn't do this idea justice. It was explained to me SOOoooo much better.
But I think you all have the jist of it.

prophet said...

that's great! 'today 5 minutes. . . . tomorrow. . . .?"

love it.

Thank you!
(by way of the Lemon Stand)

Bob said...

Maybe you and lemon stand will start a whole new movement. It would be great for our country!