Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Why kids blame their parents for everything.

It was storming off and on all night.
More storms this morning.

Half an hour before the children need to leave for school:
Me: You guys have to walk to school today. You'll want to wear your raincoats in case it starts raining again on your way there.

Five minutes before the children need to leave for school:
Me: You guys are walking today. Get ready to go. Take your raincoats.

Standing by back door:

Me: (to Elder Son) It's starting to sprinkle. Take your raincoat.

Two minutes after the children have left:
Husband: (shouting to Elder Son who is two houses away on his way to school) Hey! Don't you want your raincoat?!?

Five minutes later:
Pouring rain.

Well, dang!
What kind of parent lets their kid walk to school in the rain with no raincoat?

And you know somehow, this will be *my* fault...


Tink said...

Been there, done that. Wouldn't you like to ring their little necks? : )

loria said...

I've been there too. I have a 15 yr.old and thankful she's dropped that line. Now it's just "I DON'T DO ANYTHING AROUND HERE". OMG!!!
Yes I wanna ring her neck sometimes. But kids-GOTTA LOVE THEM, huh!!!!!!!

vw bug said...

LOL! I know it's coming... been through something similar with my 4 year old.