Monday, October 16, 2006

The Homeless Guy

Has anyone here known a homeless person?
Either personally or in passing?

I have a problem:
There's a guy who sometimes shows up where I park every morning.
I would guess he's homeless, but I don't know. He might be waiting for a ride to work or something. Usually, he is sitting on a cement abuttment having a smoke.

He's not the problem.
*I* have the problem, because I'd like to do the right thing but I don't know what the right thing is.

Do I offer him a sandwich out of my lunch?
Give him my extra umbrella when it's raining?
Slip him a couple of bucks?

But what if he's not homeless?
Just some guy who lives in the apartments who's out getting some air?
How embarassing would that be?

"Dude, you look down and out. Have my sandwich."
"Are you nuts, lady? I'm just out here waiting for my pizza delivery to show up!"

Can you ask someone if they're homeless?
What is the protocol, here?


Tink said...

I would have no idea what the protocol would be in that situation. It's not like you see where he is sleeping. How is he dressed? Are there others around who might know who he is? Aggghhh. What a quandry.

Rave said...

I would start out by saying "Hi!"

Roses said...

I've said Hi, Good Morning, How you doing? and Nice weather we're having.

And then I get stuck. :P