Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Good news, Bad news (?)

I know I'm not supposed to judge people.
I know
I know
I know...
I'm going to hell for this post.


Sometimes some people just ask for it.


I ran into a woman I used to work with.

When we worked together, she was already three times divorced with a child from each different marriage.
She admitted she didn't have the best judgement in men.

So, when I bumped into her the other day, and she turned around and announced, "I'm pregnant!"
all I could say was, "Congratulations?"

I don't think she understood that it really was a question.

But it gets better...

The next day, I called a mutual friend to ask if there was anything this woman needed. I was thinking diapers, clothes, a smack upside the head...
And this was our conversation:

Me: Is she still on her own, or is there a man in the picture?

He: Oh, she got married last year!

Me: Oh! That's good! That's really, really good.

He: Well, it was one of those arrangements... he needed a way to stay in the country, and she needed someone to help pay the rent.

Me: Oh.
(And thinking she didn't get pregnant by immaculate conception...) Hey, they at least must be "getting along" alright (wink wink nudge nudge)...

He: Oh, about as well as they can with him believing in Islam and she not so much.


She's pushing 40.
When is a person reasonably expected to grow up and stop acting like a horny teenager?


wRitErsbLock said...

I cannot comment adequately without using the eff word on this one.

I'm so appalled.

loria said...

All I have to say is"OMG and WTF" is this woman thinking. Sorry.......

Richmond said...

Wow. I feel so intelligent and mature now...

(And sorry for her kids...)

Tink said...

Can you say she is just a brain cell or two short? I cannot even imagine what she must have been thinking and then to bring a child into it as well.