Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cutting in Line

When do people out-grow this childish behavior?

Apparently, never.

Yesterday, someone cut in front of me in the McDonald's drive-thru.
If he had only cut in front of me, I'd have just sat there and cussed to myself. But there were at least three other vehicles behind me that were being cheated, so I got out and told the guy that the line started "way back there."

Because cutting in line wasn't rude enough for him, he stayed in line until it was his turn up, and only then did he pull out and go around... with a stupid, red-neck, sh!t-eating grin on his face.

The tormented elementary-school kid in me felt like I had struck a good blow for humanity and the defenseless folks behind me.
But the grown-up in me felt like a jerk for telling another "adult" how to behave properly.

Your thoughts?


jaj said...

I applaud you for sticking up for the good of mankind. Jerk-face was being rude and ignorant.

Roses said...

Thanks, Jaj! I will imagine that you were in the vehicle behind me going, "Woo-Hoo!"

loria said...

Good job! I would've done the same thing. Didn't this guy learn any MANNERS from his parents. Appartenly not. People are rude, it doesn't matter how young or old.

wRitErsbLock said...

have you seen the not-great show 30 Rock on NBC? It's not a great show. But... the first episode opened with Tina Fey's character next in line at a hot dog cart in NYC with a line behind her. Some man walks up and cuts. Tina pitched a fit and managed to get to order before the line cutter. She ordered every hotdog! Next, you see her walking down the street with a huge box of hotdogs, handing them out to random people. LOL! Gets to her office and says how she just bought a couple hundred bucks in hot dogs.

That was the only funny part of the show. I so appreciated it!

Roses said...

loria: I don't know if the guy had kids in his vehicle or not, but I kinda like to think that there were... and they were whining at him, "Daaaaaad! You cut in liiiiine! You gotta go baaaaack!"

writersblock: Sorry I missed that one. It would've made me feel really good!

Richmond said...

Perfect! :)