Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Happy 40th Birthday Party

Last night, the husband threw me an awesome birthday party!

He had called all my friends.
He cleaned the house.
And he let my good friend Richmond help us with the food. (Smart move. Soooooo smart!)

We told everyone to come early, bring their kids, and feel free to leave early to get the kids in bed.

Many of us were still sitting around laughing loud enough to annoy the neighbors at 11:30pm.
Which, for people with children, is pretty freaking LATE!

But the kids were happy in the basement with their own pizza, sodas and DVDs.

The husband bought me 40 roses.
The ladies were envious.

And at least one woman informed her husband that when she turns 40, he has to throw her a party, too.
(I gave him Richmond's phone number.)

It was awesome, awesome, awesome!

Thank you, Richmond!
(How's your head this morning?)


Mrs_Who said...

Yay! What a wonderful birthday party. Kudos to hubby and Richmond working to bring you a great day - and night, it sounds like to!

loria said...

How sweet is that?

Richmond said...

Hey my head's great! A wee bit fuzzy this morning, but I blame your hubby and his buddy "Jack" for that. ;-)

So who the heck did you give my number to?? I don't know how much pro-bono work I want to do...

Roses said...

Don't worry, Rich.
I told him if he wants to reserve a date, he needs to write his reservation application on the back of a hundred dollar bill.