Friday, September 15, 2006

I'm 40!

Actually, I'm ~very~ happy to be forty!

Because back in my teens when 40 was *old*, I made a stupid prediction that I was going to die before I turned 40.
I was so sure of this that I wrote it down and tucked it in my diary so that when I died, eventually someone would read through my diary and go "Gasp! She knew!"

But then, I also predicted that the young man I was dating at the time was going to propose marriage to me within the next year and a half.

That didn't happen either.

In any case, this past year has been just a little creepy as I really didn't want to be right about dying this year.

I don't know if life begins at 40, but I can very confidently tell you that life most certainly does not end.

Happy birthday to me!
I'm happy to be alive!


wRitErsbLock said...

Happy happy birthday.

Carter Clark said...

the question is who is the stupid young man who did not propose???

Happy Birthday!!!

PS any big plans?

Richmond said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Mrs_Who said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! I turned 40 last year - turning 40 brings a lot of 'freedom' from the obligations of youth.

Lots of good folks having birthdays in September: you, Bou, Harvey, and me - on Monday! September is good!!

Roses said...

Mrs_Who! The husband's birthday is Monday, too!

Virgos rock!

Roses said...

Carter: I don't think you ever met him. He lived in that town 7 miles north... so, you know, he wasn't all that smart. ;-)

jaj said...

Happy Birthday!!

Mrs_Who said...

Yay for Virgos!

Although remember how hard it was being 'the virgin' in high school??? LOL!!!

Tink said...

Happy, happy birthday, happy happy birthday to you. Congrats to you.

loria said...

Happy 40th to you!!! I turned 40 last month and it's been great so far. Actually it's been a BIG WAKE UP CALL for me. Deciding on a career change. So far I love it. I feel more wonderful now than ever before.