Saturday, September 02, 2006

Equal Grandparent time

I'm reading a letter to Ann Landers out loud to the husband this morning.
It's about a grandmother who lives 700 miles away from her daughter saying she's not getting as much time with the grandbaby as the other grandparents who live in the same town with the daughter.
(The baby was 5 months old and grandma was upset she'd only seen the baby 3 times. Three times in 5 months?!? That's a lot for living 700 miles away!)

I comment outloud to the room in general, "That's just ridiculous! How in the world are those parents supposed to give equal time when one set of grandparents lives waaaaay over there and the other set lives practically next door? How is that supposed to work? It doesn't. That's just stupid to expect it."

The husband is rather quiet while I rant.
Considering my parents live 500 miles away from us, and his mother lived in our house for 8 years, I think I am being rational. There's no way on earth my parents could ever get equal time with our kids. They'd never in a million years demand it.

I point this out to the husband.

"I'm sorry," he replies.

"What are you sorry for? I don't expect my mom to get equal time."

"I know," he says. "You want my mom to have equal time."

(After I finished laughing, I told him, "Honey, that's truly blogworthy.")


Richmond said...

Heh. ;)

Carter Clark said...

it is definately blogworthy!

As a transplant to the western side of michigan, my parents have tried to demand equal time. i simply tell them the door is open from them to visit. and they do not take me up on it.