Monday, September 25, 2006

The Toe Injury

Last night, I stubbed my toe on a kitchen chair. I think it's broken.
And it reminded me of a similar accident the mother-in-law experienced several years ago...

The sister-in-law had been by for her monthly visit/maid service for the mother-in-law. During these visits, the SIL endured lots of nagging and bossing and various other verbal abuses all in the name of family devotion and duty.

"Clean this."
"You didn't clean this right."
"That's not what I asked for."
"You never listen to me."

This particular visit found the SIL cleaning around and under the tiny dining table the mother-in-law had in the middle of her little apartment. In the process, of course, the chairs had to be moved.
The mother-in-law stubbed her toe on one of the chairs.

"OH! Why did you leave the chair there?!?"
"The chair is never there! Why didn't you put it away?"

Granted, older folks' bones are more fragile.
And I'm really, truly sorry that she was injured.
She went on and on about the pain... for months!

What's worse, she blamed the SIL for it every. single. time.

"Ever since she left the chair out..."
"My toe has been in pain because SIL left the chair out..."
"It's been bothering me ever since SIL left that chair out..."

Can you tell me why she simply didn't watch where she was going?

Not once did she even admit that she stubbed her toe, because saying she stubbed her toe would mean she was somehow responsible for her situation.

She never stubbed her toe.

The SIL left the chair out.
It was amazing.

***** ***** ***** *****

Meanwhile, *I* stubbed *my* toe last night, I think it's broken, and I'm pretty sure it's nobody's fault but my own.


jaj said...

Hope it feels better soon! You should sit with your foot propped and order take-out and have your family pamper you. I know, I know, but it's worth a try =)

Carter Clark said...

i hate stubbing my toe. especially that little toe. the one that goes wee all the way home...yeah that is the one

Tink said...

Take out, now that's the ticket. Either that or you can sit and supervise while they cook and clean. Be your mil for a while :).

After reading about her though, I sure am grateful for the one I have. She really is an angel.

Roses said...


I called the doctor's office and described what my toe looks like (bright purple, pale green). The nurse said it might be broken, but I'd probably be okay just wrapping the toe to its toe neighbor... unless the toe was "sticking out at an odd angle", then I'd want to have it reset.

Well, thankfully, the toe is pointing in the correct direction and it hasn't even swelled.
So, maybe just a really good wrenching of the tendons.

Plus, I saved myself a costly office visit! $$$

Mrs_Who said...

Hey, Roses: you could always call your m-i-l over to take care of things until you get better!!!

*runs off laughing, knowing Roses can't catch up with her broken toe*

Richmond said...


At the suggestion that your MIL come back over to stay and "help out"...


Roses said...

I'd rather break a whole foot than have that kind of "help".

In fact, I just might break that foot while trying to kick the butt of whoever suggested it...
(limping after Mrs_Who...)