Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Brother-in-Law

(I'd call him a terrible flirt, but he's actually quite good at it.)

This particular brother-in-law has flirted with me since the day we met. But, since he flirts with ALL women of every age and degree of facial attractiveness, I realize this is nothing personal and it's just a game he plays.
And his wife is completely okay with it... because she understands this.

So, now you understand, too, that he's not a perv... even though he'd be flattered for you to think so.

This past week, on vacation, we visit the brother-in-law and his wife after three days of tent camping.
Blessedly, he tells us to make ourselves at home and we all hit the showers.

I head for the bathroom upstairs.
Meanwhile, the husband settles in the diningroom with the brother-in-law to have a nice catch-up conversation. The BIL, being the master of the house, takes the seat at the head of the table facing the stairs. The husband sits with his back to the stairs.

I explain this so you know that later, when I come down the stairs, freshly washed and fully dressed, the BIL sees me first and the husband cannot see me at all.

And the brother-in-law says, in a semi-concerned voice, "Aren't you going to put any clothes on after your shower!?!"

Uh huh.
The husband freezes and finds that he cannot turn his head to look. I think he is picturing me naked... and isn't sure if he hopes I am... or not.

So I reply, as if I really am naked, "This is the only outfit I had that wasn't wrinkled."

(The brother-in-law thinks I'm very funny.)


sticks said...

LMAO. I thought it was funny, too. But, did hubby?

Roses said...

Oh, the husband gave me a BIG kiss and told me how lucky he feels to have married me. :D