Sunday, July 30, 2006

Close Talker

(As seen on Seinfeld)

There's a woman I encounter every once in a while who is a close talker. She moves just a little too deep into my comfort zone in order to have a normal conversation with me.

It doesn't help that she is slightly taller, slightly larger, and wears glasses that magnify her eyes to owl size.

Rather intimidating, actually.

The first time she cozied up to me, I said nothing because I thought she was trying to take me into her confidence with some news that she was keeping secret.

But now, she stands this close everytime she talks to me, no matter what the subject of the conversation.
And she seems to need to make direct eye contact (with her big, close. owly eyes) while she speaks, so she moves her head around in front of me no matter where I turn or tilt my head while trying to make some space for myself.

Stepping backward to a more comfortable distance only invites her to step closer again until I'm backed up against a piece of furniture or the wall.

I feel that the opportunity to say something passed the first time she spoke to me. And since I've said nothing for so long, it would be awkward to ask/tell her to back off now... leading her to wonder why I didn't just say something sooner.

And I wonder how other people feel when she does this to them, and why she doesn't realize she continually has conversations with people who are crammed up against things.

Do you know a close talker? Have you said anything to them?

Has anyone accused you of being a close talker? How did the revelation make you feel?


Richmond said...

Eeeeek! You would tell me, right? If I did that.... Good Lord. I would hate to be a "close talker" or have to deal with one regularly.

Roses said...

Don't worry, Rich. It's not you. :)

And if it was, well, this is probably how I would tell you. ;-)

Carter Clark said...

well i know it is not me. i hate my personal space being violated.

now a loud talker -- that is me

or a black cat.....yeah i was once accused of being a black cat...hmmmm

Mrs_Who said...

Like carter, I am a 'loud' talker.

As for the 'close' talker, I would step into her space. And talk loudly.

Roses said...

Carter, simply protect your personal space with your pen of endless deflection. :)

Mrs_Who, I'd love to try that, but I'm afraid she'd love it even more. :P

P.S. You guys can talk loud around me anytime.

Carter Clark said...

hey -- did that stone move? or was it really a toad??

Roses said...

Carter, you're a goofball.

And the answer is yes. And yes.