Sunday, December 17, 2017

Gifts 2017

The Husband and I are doing our gift exchange differently this year.  We realized that gift giving has been getting trickier every year because the things we'd like to give each other are the kinds of things the receiver kind of needs to pick out for him/herself.

Example: The Husband wants a jack knife. But I can't buy that for him because he wants a particular style would be difficult for me to get just right.
Another: I want gloves, the kind that are like the ones I have but different.  How is he supposed to know what that means?

So, we've decided that we will each buy our own gifts this year, wrap them up, and surprise the other person with what they gave.

It has been fun so far.
We have had conversations like this...

Me: I'm leaving work now, but you're going shopping for me, so I won't be home till after 6.
He: Well, if the stores are anything like they were when you went shopping for me earlier today, I'm going to have trouble finding a parking space.
Me: Then maybe you'll drive by some stores first before you decide to shop.
Me: I don't know where I was shopping for you earlier today, but the stores where you shopped for me tonight were so empty, you thought they were closed.

And conversations like this...
He: You need to order a gift for me online today if you want it to get here before Christmas. Can I borrow your laptop?

And this...
Me: You seriously considered buying me a garden stone that comes with paints so I can decorate it anyway I want to, but then you thought about how much I hated that art class I took this semester and decided against it.
He: Yeah, that would have been foolish of me.


Me: You think one of the gifts you got for me is silly, but you the more you thought about it, it's the one thing you kept coming back to.

He and I are amazed at how much fun this turned out to be.  I know exactly what I'm getting for Christmas, but I still feel like I have a secret surprise for my darling man.

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