Saturday, January 28, 2017

Self-Cleaning Oven

We are discussing how long it'll take to self-clean the oven, and who will stay home to monitor the process.

He: I have a meeting this morning.  Will you be home for the next 5 hours?

Me: Where would I go without you, babe?

He: Crazy?

Me: Well sure, but I can do that at home.


Jessica P said...

awww <3

I have never once cleaned my oven and i have been in this apartment for 10 years.
Is that gross?
I hope that's not gross.
My oven doesn't really ever get messed up.

Roses said...

Not gross.
You only need to clean it if your food bubbles over.

Our oven had so much stuff in it, it set off the smoke detectors every time we baked.