Sunday, November 20, 2016

One small step for Roses, one giant leap for Future Roses

The class assignment is to read four chapters in the Corporate Communications textbook and thoroughly answer all the questions at the end of just one of the chapters.  Our choice.

My goal for today was to simply skim the 4 chapters and decide which one had the easiest questions to answer.
Baby steps, you know. First get to know the questions, then read the chapter, let the questions roll around in my head, and compose the answers another day.

I found the chapter I wanted to work on (Technology Processes) and reviewed the questions.  Pretty simple questions, but there were some terms I wasn't familiar with, so I skimmed the text to find them and highlighted them to make them easier to find later.

In the process of looking for those terms, I got an idea for one of the answers and penciled it in the margin.  Ran out of room in the margin, so I fetched a spiral notebook and jotted down more detailed notes.

Since I had the notebook open and the notes started, I figured I'd go ahead and outline the rest of the questions.  You know, as long as I had momentum going, might as well give myself a head start on the next step, right?

Long story long, I ended up reading the whole chapter (a full week before we'll review it in class) and composed all the answers in the notebook.

Aside from typing it, this assignment is done.


Future Roses is gonna LOVE my ass. :-)


Jessica P said...

Good stuff.
Just make sure Future Roses doesn't have super-high expectations all the time, could lead to problems.

Roses said...

Ha ha ha!
This is true. :-)

Shoshanah said...

Something to be thankful for. :)

Roses said...

Btw, Past Roses is da bomb!
~Future Roses