Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Happy Pills

Life happened, and I had forgotten to call in a prescription refill until the day I had taken the last pill in the bottle. 
So, I'm at the pharmacy to pick up a handful of drugs to hold me over until my mail-order medication arrives.  That's right.  I am begging my pharmacist to "help me out" and give me "a fix" for just a few days.
It just so happens that I know the pharmacist well enough to know he's got a fabulous dry sense of humor, and he knows me well enough to know I'm as silly as a cartoon.

It's late, there's no one in the store aside from the pharmacist (He), his assistant (She), and me (Me).

He:  You can take a seat while I fill this out for you.
Me:  (leaning on the service counter)  No.  I'm gonna wait right here.  AND I'm gonna make a scene.

The assistant laughs.
A few moments pass; no scene is made.

When my prescription is ready, the assistant rings it up and I give her money.  The pharmacist invites me to the Consultation Area (designed for privacy so a customer can ask the pharmacist questions discreetly).  Our entire very private conversation goes like this:

He:  Here are your pills.  There are ten in the bottle.  Any questions?
Me:  No.
He:  Okay.
And he puts the bottle in a little bag and pushes it across the counter to me.

This is when the assistant calls to me.  Apparently, we had skipped a step during the payment process.

She:  Oh, Roses!  Can I get your signature?
Me: (clutching the little pharmacy bag)  No!  I got what I came for!  You get nothing!  Mwah-ha-ha!
He:  Okay.  Now you're making a scene.


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Jessica P said...

HAHAHHA i'm glad they gave you your fix! :p