Monday, January 18, 2016

Apparently, I speak programming language.

An experienced programmer on staff is training the new guys at work. I am vaguely aware of their conversation happening behind my left shoulder. Programming language, coding terms, I'm not really paying attention.

But then the experienced programmer's tone changes. I can tell something has gone wrong, and he's turned this into a learning opportunity.
He reviews the situation, and asks, "So, what did you do wrong?"
There's long pause as the new guy considers his answer.

I can't help myself. I answer, "Uh, came in to work today?"
New guy laughs, "I know, right?"
The trainer says, "That is SO the right answer."
And a quiet bystanding co-worker mutters, "I was THIS close to saying that."

1 comment:

Jessica P said...

Yeah well then he SHOULD have said it!
I sure would have.
I guess some of us have no shame, which I am ok with.