Monday, August 17, 2015

"Will Work for Food"

The Husband has begun remodeling one of our bathrooms, and he knows he will need help removing the tub.  He would like to ask our boys if two of their friends would be willing to assist. While we enjoyed dinner together, The Husband proposed this possibility to our children to see if they think the two friends will be receptive to the idea.
"I think with the two of you and the two of them helping, it should only take a couple hours," The Husband explained.  "I'd buy them pizza..."
"They'll do it!!"

You see, the two friends have recently moved into their first apartment and have been learning how to buy their own food for the first time.
Younger Son told us, "Yeah, one of them was licking last bits of pizza off the pizza cutter last night."  Younger Son slowly mimed licking a utensil and spoke in his friend's sad voice, "We have to pay for our own wi-fi."


I think these two friends living on their own is the best real-life learning opportunity my kids have had in a long time.
It's like The Sims... only real.

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