Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mixed Media

You could be a news reporter your whole life and never be at the scene of a crime when the perpetrator returns.
But, it happened this week.

And when the suspect drove his truck past the scene of the crime with seven police cars screaming down the street behind him, a member of our radio news team was there.

He just happened to be live on the air at that precise moment.

That... is what we like to call "good radio".

Afterwards, we were all amused when he explained how he and the newspaper photographer had just stood out in the open...he, with his microphone held out to catch the best sound, the photographer  snapping frame after frame of awesome photos. 
Meanwhile, the newspaper reporter had ducked behind a tree.
Oh, yes. We harassed the reporter guy mercilessly.

That's right, folks...
When a police chase is tearing down the street, the radio guy whips out his tape recorder or microphone, and he's thinking, "Holy cow! Can you hear this?!?"
A cameraman has his lens trained on the action, and he's thinking, "OMG! You've gotta see this!"
The newspaper guy? He'll duck behind the tree thinking, "I've gotta live to tell the story!"

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