Thursday, January 08, 2015

Snow. In Wisconsin

The Husband warns the boys that the driveway and sidewalk need to be shoveled tonight.

"It'll take about half an hour with the three of us working on it," he says.
"I'll come out and help, too," I says.
"Okay," he says.  And he says to the boys, "It'll take about 40 minutes then with the four of us."
After I stop laughing, I says, "It takes longer because one of you has to carry your mother's shovel.  You know, like when we play Super Mario Brothers on the Wii, and one of you has to carry my character."

The boys just nod.

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Anonymous said...

Slid over here from a Wales blog.
"Shoshana" is the name of my best friend's oldest daughter so it caught my eye. The next daughter never forgave her mother for naming her Hadassah.
Do you really have any idea how funny and clever your writing about everything is?
Kudos from "just a gal" in Jersey with horrible grammar. Still reading backwards in time. I need the lightness of being I get from reading your blog.
Stay safe and warm in the snow. Admire your courage in putting yourself out there in life.