Monday, June 03, 2013

"Gimmee some sugar." - Ash, The Evil Dead

We have a white erase board to keep our grocery list on.  It's easy to note things we've run out of, erase after the items are purchased, and start over.

One of the items I wrote down last week was Sugar.
When The Husband erased the list, "Sugar" was still on it.
I had grabbed a regular marker instead of the dry erase marker.


"We'll just have to buy sugar every week," I said.
The Husband sighed.  "According to this, we will never have enough."


The Husband just ran to town on an errand.  Before he left, he asked if there was anything we needed from the store since he'd be right there.
You guessed it.
I told him, "Looks like we need sugar."


Jen said...

Go back over the words with the same marker and wipe it off immediately or use bug spray. It'll remove the permanent marker and not damage the board.
Or you can keep buying sugar but I recommend getting a cotton candy maker to go with it :)

Roses said...

Thanks for the tips, Jen!

Irony, then, would have been writing "bug spray" in permanent marker. ;-)

Jen said...

You're welcome :) I keep a bottle of acetone at work for when the guys use sharpies on our white boards but it is a bit harsh. Hairspray will remove ink pen and shoepolish off of car windows.