Thursday, October 01, 2009

Yes. It *was* that bad.

*phone rings*
He: (reading caller ID) Hello, Gorgeous. How was the rest of your day?
Me: (on cell phone) Not good.
He: Are you on your way home now?
Me: I'm at the liquor store. You want anything?
He: (laughs heartily)
He: Where are you really?
Me: At.The.Liquor.Store.
He: Oh. You're serious.


I hate people who think they can wave their money around and make people jump.
I hate, even more, the people who jump.
And I hate, even more than them, the people who point to me and say, "She'll jump for you. Thanks for the cash."
And, even more than them, I detest the person who waved the money and then didn't bother to fulfill his obligation... and left me jumping.

Ucking fassholes.
I hope they all get a papercut while counting their money.


This portion edited after Roses sobered up.
It was mostly swear words anyway...


Malibu and pineapple juice, in case you wondered.


Bob said...

I love reading the alcohol-enhanced rants of really creative people -- shame you took down that third section.

Rave said...

What is Malibu? (I really need to get out more)

Roses said...

Rave: It's a rum-based, coconut-flavored yum.

Bob: (re: the third section) Mix and match the following words... hole/hat/ass/salesperson/management/client...
and you've pretty much got it. (You may have to use several words more than once.)

Tammi said...

Ouch....for those in my profession I apologize. I *HATE* it when "the innocents" suffer. IOW, you do what YOU gotta do, but leave everyone else out of it.


And so you know...Malibu is one of my favorites.... ;-) Keep that in mind, you know. Just in case I get a good phone call next week.

Roses said...

Tammi: It was out of respect for you that I removed all the nasty things I wrote about the salesass who told me she hadn't talked with this particular client in four months.

You prove that there are really good sales reps out there. I wish there were more in here.

There is plenty Malibu left at my house! And I know where I can get more!

Hapkido said...

Send the "detested" ones my way...I'm out of practice & would be happy to do you a favor. :-P

Roses said...

Hapkido: To send them, do I have to put air holes in the boxes?

Anonymous said...

ummmmm Malibu and Pineapple....

I like Bacardi O better with Pineapple though. :)

Hapkido said...

Air holes for a-holes? Nah... :-)

Christie Critters said...

Love the initial conversation. Been there - done that.

Hope you're better now