Monday, August 06, 2012

Waiting for the bus.

It's my first day of school work today.

I don't have to be there until 8:30, but I'm already awake.
Too excited to sleep anymore.

Picture me wearing a swirly-patterned black and white skirt, solid black blouse, and the black flats I bought "just in case" dug out from the bottom of my closet. 
Neat and tidy new haircut. 
Both hands holding the handle of my carry-all loaded with brand new supplies.

Waiting for the school bus...


brandi said...

Of course, we are sending luck your way. Not that you'd need it. But just cause it might make your smile a little brighter.
There. Now you're perfect!

Thumper said...

I would be trying so hard to not barf...I don't do first days of anything very well.

I hope it's been awesome!

Andy said...

Roses, I know I'm late to this...

So, I hope Mr. Roses remembered to pin a note on your shirt with your bus number on it, so you wouldn't get on the wrong bus and end up in a bad neighborhood (my Mom REALLY did that to me...I was mortified).

Christie Critters said...

A day late here:
Hope that it went REALLY well and that the "honeymoon" period for the new job lasts for a good long time, if not permanently!

The Gray Monk said...

Late, as usual, but I hope the new job works out really well for you.