Thursday, August 09, 2012

The One With the Windows...

Thanks for the well wishes on my new job, everybody! It's been really great so far!

On Monday I remarked to The Husband, "Hey, did you know the sun shines all day?  I've never seen that on a weekday before."

On Tuesday I remarked to The Husband, "The sun was shining all day long again!"

On Wednesday, it rained.
I remarked to The Husband, "Even on an overcast day, the sun shines.  All day."

I love my windows.

I love that I have co-workers and not just a faceless audience that I can only imagine is listening.

I love that I can get up and use the bathroom any dang time I wanna, and I don't have to wait for the five-minute news break once an hour so I have enough time to run there, take care of business, and run back before I have to push a button.

I kinda love my new job.


brandi said...

You kinda reminded me of one of the jobs I used to have. Our offices were in a basement, with two windows, one in the hallway and one of them in another office. Although we felt like moles, I loved that job. And most of the people were really nice to work with. Like maybe 98%! After I left they moved to another building with--windows!! Shoot! Nice job, nice people, and WINDOWS! Go figure!
Glad you love your new job and you have windows and a bathroom pass whenever you need it!

Thumper said...

My office has a window.
If I look out, I can see a fence.


tiwimon said...

Reading about the awesomeness of your job - sounds even more awesome - while I sit in a 5 by 7 office with no windows, a flickering overhead fluorescent light above (that I leave off) and my sole piece of furniture is a 1980's metal desk and a chair I bought myself since a cushioned chair is not part of the ergonomic package here.
Seriously though - huge congrats on the job :-)

DogsDontPurr said...

Yayyy! I'm so glad it's working out well. Cheers to sunshine!

Mrs. Who said...

Doin' a happy dance for you since your feet are resting.

vwbug said...

That is awesome!!!

Moogie P said...

Yay, you!!! Keep on Lovin'!!!