Thursday, July 05, 2012

Two (brains) shall become one

We'd left the sprinkler running under the trees in our yard.
When The Husband and I checked on it about an hour later, we found a robin frolicking in the sprinkler's spray.

We both shouted, "We grew a bird!"

(We are so darned cute...)


Shanna said...

That is funny! On a serious note though, I had so many birds in my yard yesterday with this heat and I must be the only one in the neighborhood with water set out for the poor things. Plus when I went to water the garden there were a whole bunch jumping around in their enjoying the water as well. I told my friends on FB to set out water for the poor things, here in Burlington the river is down so much it is just stinky stagnant muck so fresh water is enjoyed in our yard by the birds. ;)

vw bug said...

Now that is funny!