Friday, May 18, 2012

The Lemon Laws

I've tried to quote these off the top of my head to my own children... and failed miserably.
Therefore, when she blessedly reposted it, I snagged this list from Lemon Stand's hubby (as translated by her daughters) and pasted it here so I can refer to it myself as needed.

Four Laws of Life According to Daddy:

"One, Never break more than one law at a time.  So if we were able to drive and had a tail light that was busted, we shouldn't speed."

"Two, Never bring along a camera if you are going to break the law.  That one was easy to understand so we didn't really need an explanation for that one."

"Three, Never try to understand someone else's 'kink'.  So we should just accept people the way they are even if we do think they are a little strange."

"Four, Never date your friend's spouses or girlfriends/boyfriends.  This is just not acceptable behavior and could get you into a LOT of trouble so it is just best to avoid the situation."


G.G. Mueller said...

My clients should read (and obey) the first two. Maybe I will include it (with your permission) in my "Hi, I am your attorney" speech!

Christie Critters said...

I loved these also. My very favorite is #2 - words to live by...

Thumper said...

Since I always gave my phone on me and it has a camera...I suppose I better watch what I do, eh? ;)

Roses said...

G.G. while I agree some of your clients would benefit from hearing "the rules", you'll have to ask Lemon Stand for permission. These belong to her. :-)

Keisha said...

Ha ha, u has a funny. :)