Tuesday, May 22, 2012


When you give birth to a child, you start out doing everything for him/her.
Feeding, burping, cleaning diapers...

As the child grows older, you rejoice in the little things he/she can do for him/herself.
Get dressed, make the bed, pour a glass of juice...

Still, even after the child is a teenager and fairly self-propelled, you do things.
This morning, I did a couple of those things.

I'd bought a bag of giant grapes.  These things are huge, like ping pong ball huge.
However, they are not seedless.  A sad, unpleasant discovery we made only after biting into them.  :-(
Naturally, no one was excited about eating the grapes after that.
So, today, I cut open several grapes and dug out the seeds then served them in a bowl for the boys at breakfast.
"Look!  Seedless grapes!" I told Elder Son... because he got to the table first.
Later, Younger Son sat down.  "Are there seeds in these?"
"No," I answered.  "I cut them out."
And from across the room, Elder Son added, "Because she's AWESOME!"

Points for Elder Son!

As the boys prepared to leave the house, I offered to open the garage door for Younger Son to get his bike out.
"You don't have to, but that would be great," he responded.
"I will, because apparently I'm awesome today."
"What makes you think you're not awesome everyday?"

Points for Younger Son!

Double points for me!  :-D


Moogie P said...

Triple points all around!

You're a really good mom.

Christie Critters said...

Ah, one of those mornings that can keep you going for weeks...
I absolutely love it when I can be "sweet and charming mother" once in awhile (the title was awarded when he was about 4 and REALLY wanted something. Then I became SACM...

DogsDontPurr said...

Can I borrow your kids? Or maybe I should just borrow you. I could use some of teh awesome around here!

Bou said...

Love that!

vw bug said...

What great kids! You must be awesome!