Thursday, April 26, 2012

Triffle with me, will ya?

I received an e-mail from a saleswoman account representative yesterday.  It was forwarded from a client for whom I had recorded a commercial.  It read:

"Sounds good except for Roses' voice... tell her I said that.  :-)"

I know this client pretty well.  He's been into the station several times, and we get along just fine.
"You know," I told his saleswoman account rep, "I'm tempted to re-cut his ad in a really goofy voice."
"DO IT!"

So, now we're waiting to hear his reaction to the uber-redneck version I sent.


brandi said...

I love your spunk!!! Go for it!!! Stand up for all of us who never had the spunk!!! The goofier the better!!

The Gray Monk said...

I'd say that's pretty insulting, I hope your recut version teaches him some manners.

Christie Critters said...

It is nice to have a relationship where you can joke together like that. Let us know what he says about he new commercial.

Roses said...

His response:

"I like this version better. Glad Roses could be herself and the dag-gummit at the end was superb!"


vw bug said...

What a great customer! And I love how you can be so funny right along with it.

Lemon Stand said...