Monday, March 12, 2012

Slightly updated blog.

Different colors.
Same great taste.

I thought it just needed to be happier.

P.S. Yes, that's my eye from a picture taken last fall.
And oh hell yes, the photo has been retouched.
I like it because from this angle, you can't see the angry wrinkles between my brows.  ;-)


St Jude said...

Very nice indeed. Don't go telling everyone the pics been retouched, let them think you're perfect. ;0)

brandi said...

What do you mean, retouched? Why, everyone knows you're beautiful!
Carol from Catitude

Thumper said...

It must be spring, blogs are getting new clothes...I did mine, too...

Nice eyeball. LOL

Andy said...

Just my humble, expert opinion here.


Of course it helps that blue is my favorite color. I really like the shade, too.

Bou said...

I saw this yesterday and was wondering if that was your eye!

I love this. :)

Mrs. Who said...

Blue is definitely your color!

Roses said...

Mrs. Who: Thank you.
I picked the background color to match my eye. :-)