Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Is it love, is it love you're after?" - Mr. Mister

I was wondering why my stats have been through the roof lately.
It's funny.
It must be love.

In fact, it's a funny Garfield cartoon about love...
... that I post on Valentine's Day four years ago.


It has always been a popular hit on Google searches for "Garfield" and "love bug" images.
But these past few days?  Insane*!

You better read it.
Everyone else is.

*Before yesterday, I'd never, ever broken 100 visits in one day.  It'll be interesting how many come around today.** 

**By 8am, I'd already achieved a normal day's number of hits.  Day's total:  122.  That's three times my normal daily hits.  Again, I say, insane!


brandi said...

You are awesome!
All the guys are following you around, aren't they. Come on. Admit it.
You are a guy's dream.
And you better make sure your "guys" treat you today!

Andy said...

Good one, Roses! I think I became a reader looooooong after that.

Congrats on the traffic, and have a fabulous V-Day!