Monday, February 06, 2012

The dinosaur in the shower

Believe it or not, this post over at Zelmarific reminded me of a bizarre dream I had last week.

It was one of those deep-sleep dreams where everything is wild.
I had just gotten to the end of a scavenger hunt/obstacle course and survived the lava/water flume and was about to find out where the dinosaur (very possibly an allosaurus) had hidden the refrigerator magnet when my alarm went off.

I was pretty ticked that I was this close to getting that magnet, all that work, you know... only to be robbed of a satisfying conclusion.

Perhaps Zelma knows where the magnet is...?


Bou said...

He can have a home on my fridge when you find him. My fridge looks like someone threw up magnets all over it. I think it would make most people nuts, but... it's all stuff about the boys.

Zelmarific said...

Tigery the Cat must have batted it under the fridge!

Wow, this is some awesome blog crossover! Thanks.

I think I dreamed of your blog once, too, but it was long ago.