Sunday, January 22, 2012

The afghan is home now.

It's been a while since I mentioned the afghan I "rescued" from a second-hand store.
I delivered it to its new home this morning.

The woman who received it runs a home for mentally disabled adults.
I don't know how many Sundays I'd sat in the same church with her and her busload of residents, but earlier this month I suddenly "knew" that's where the orphaned afghan needed to go.  No apparent reason, it just felt right, and it felt obvious.

When I retrieved the afghan from the drawer where it'd been stored for nearly a year, I tidied up a few loose threads, tucked it into a plain pillowcase for transport, gave it a good hug, and tried not to cry.

The woman who received it listened closely as I told the story of finding the yarn, feeling the need to finish what one woman had started, and not knowing where to take it.
"I just felt it was supposed to be a gift for someone," my story ended.  "So, this is a gift to you from her."
She thanked me and told me they'd give it a good home.

I know they will, because as I tried to leave the building, she called me over to her little group and explained to them that I'd made a blanket and I was giving it to them all to use.  She wanted them to thank me personally.
"So, that's like an afghan?" one man asked.  "Wow.  That's nice!"
He was truly excited.
I was truly touched.

I think the Universe has done good.


Thumper said...

Very, very cool!

brandi said...

That afghan has warmed many hearts. Yours included. And ours.

Andy said...

The Universe has done "good," indeed.

Thanks for closing the loop on that one.

I had a cousin that lived in an environment like that. I haven't thought about Mark in a long time. He has gone on to Heaven. As I read the post, I could just see it being him...excited about the gift. screen is fogging up here.

Mrs. Who said...

Dammit. The screen's gone blurry.

You're good people, Roses.

Bou said...

I love how yarn talks to you. I love this ending.