Thursday, November 03, 2011

That just doesn't add up.

Earlier today, I forgot how old I am. For a moment, it was a toss up between 42 and 48.
I had to think about what year it is now, and what year I was born. I did the math (twice), and it came out to 55, but I was pretty sure that wasn't right.

Should I be worried?

(Btw, I know I'm 45... now.)


Dani said...

I once turned to Dave and asked him how old he was. He told me and then asked if I'd actually forgotten how old he was. I said, "No, I forgot how old I was and knew you were one year older."

I can't help you on the math part though lol.

Roses said...

Dani, I have also figured out how old I am by subtracting from The Husband's age.
I can remember his, but I can't remember mine?
::shakes headh::

Anonymous said...

I just go by how many years I’ve been able to drink legally. : )

Andy said...

Roses, to answer your question, "Yes. Yes, you should be worried."

I think.

Now, what was the question about?

Oh yeah, I'm 52.

I think.

Christie Critters said...

Goes with the territory. The aging territory that is. I can remember how old I am, but not how long I've been married...

Moogie P said...

No worries. It's just a temporary math dysfunction. You have plenty of time to remember.

Teresa said...

I'm supposed to know these things? Damn. Guess I'll have to get out a calculator, figure it out, and write it down so I know. I can never remember.