Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Color Blind

What is it with you men?
That's right, I'm calling you out.

What is it that calls you to reach for the lightest color hand towel when you spill something?  Particularly, when you spill something of rich color?
With the choices of several darker colored absorbant items to choose from, why is it the lightest, most stainable color you grab?

It can't be the ratty white towel.
YOU use the new white towel.
The one I *just* bought... and hid in the BACK of the drawer... so I'd have something nice to put out when company comes.

And by the way...
Paper towels are white.
Those are right there on top of the counter.  No need to open a drawer for those.
Right.  There.
Grab those?  Nope.

Maybe the question isn't why.
Maybe the question is where.
Where the hell would you like me to hide the good stuff so you can't find it?



Oblivious Beast said...

HIde it with the pots. Around here, it's been a year since we've been here and they are STILL asking me where the pots and pans go. :/

I let out an apt. long ago for the summer while I went home. Left some kitchen things. Came back, the stupid sub let wiped his oil hands on a decorative Easter towel! Despite numerous washings and treatments, twenty years later still have the towel and it's still smudged.

A plumber came in to hook up a fridge, nicked himself, picked the new washcloth (hadn't even had the chance to get it wet yet) in the sink, swiped the blood spots up off the floor and returned the cloth to the sink! I was standing RIGHT THERE! Grabbed that puppy out ASAP.

Christie Critters said...

Like "real" colorblindness, this is genetic. But it doesn't happen JUST with men. It is also generational (mutation, I suspect)...
Cleaning up kitty barf with the good bath towels counts also and "can" be done by a female..

Andy said...

Can't help you, Roses. If I'm alone and spill something, I grab a paper towel.

If The Mrs. is there, I tell her to clean it up.


Lemon Stand said...

My husband have been known to just grab whatever was the top item in the hamper.

Harvey said...

I'd suggest buying black towels, but I don't think they make them.

Andy said...

Harvey, with all due respect, you are wrong.

They do indeed make black towels. My ex-daughter-in-law thought they were the bomb.


She was brain damaged, and obviously many others are, because you can get them at Target, Walmart, and The Dollar Store.

Black towels.


I should have known that it was an omen.