Sunday, November 13, 2011


He:  "Say, your blog is named Ack!Thbbbt!, isn't it?"
Me:  "Yeah, it is."
He:  "Right.  Have I ever showed you my tattoo?"
Me:  "Uh..."

I was speechless.
And suddenly very afraid.
Fortunately, he pulled up his sleeve rather than pull down his pants.
To show off his Bill the Cat tattoo.


He:  "You know, that totally came out sounding not the way I meant it."

Actually, it came out sounding totally like blog fodder.
Thanks.  :-D


vw bug said...

Very Funny!

Oblivious Beast said...

Heh, Bill. Thank goodness the tattoo wasn't on not for public area!

If I ever find the picture I took in the early nineties of Bill The Cat splayed out in as a window sticker up thing, I will put it on my blog.

Lemon Stand said...

Heh! :)

Andy said...

Roses, I guess I'm WAY old.

"Show you my etchings" would probably just get a blank stare THESE DAYS.



The guy really has a Bill The Cat Tat?


What people won't do...

Graumagus said...

Yes, I do.

That TOTALLY didn't come out how I meant it, LOL!

Had the tat since 1992.

I'll post a pic :)

And the picture you're thinking of will Bill splayed out like a window stick-um was on a shower door that Opus was in... I have blood county trading cards (yes they made them) somewhere. I'll see if I can find that one...

Roses said...

It's a very nice tattoo, Grau.
Right up there with Thumper's. ;-)

Andy said...

Graumagus, I really meant no disrespect about tattoos and junk.

Well, I guess I really did.

Just never could wrap my head around the concept. But, a couple of my sons have them, and they are good men. I think they were trying to fill some void, or something, so they got their body permanently marked with ink.

To each their own.

I can't really imagine permanently destroying my skin.

So, I'm workin' on my liver... ;)

Graumagus said...

Oh no, you're right: it's stupid as hell.

I did some stupid crap in my early 20's, the tattoo being the least of them... at least I was smart enough to get one where it doesn't show during a job interview.

Every time I see these 20 somethings now a days with huge gaping holes stretched in their ears and tats on their necks I cringe.

Oblivious Beast said...

It's an ACTUAL stuffed Bill the Cat with suckers on his paws splayed out in someone's car window. I had never seen one before or since. I HAD to take a picture. It's buried somewhere. Gotta find it. It's nice to find some people who would appreciate how funny it is.