Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Is it a Motorola?"

-A "Here's Your Sign" Moment-

Members of the Ack!Thbbbt! household have identical cell phones.  (Which is why Younger Son easily grabbed the wrong phone the other morning.)  So, a couple of us pasted stickers on the backs of our phones.  (Mine has a kitty.)
Younger Son left his cell phone in the changing room at Target.
This is the conversation I had with the Lost and Found clerk...

Me:  My son left his cell phone in one of your changing rooms.
She:  Okay, I have a pair of them here.  Can you describe his phone?
Me:  Sure.  It's a plain gray phone with a picture of a juggler pasted on the back.
She:  Is it a Motorola phone?
Me:  Um... yeah.
She:  Yup!  I have that!

Which makes me wonder if the other cell phone had a juggler on it, too.
I mean, if the major difference was whether it was a Motorola or not...

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