Wednesday, October 05, 2011

funny noises

The Husband and I were in bed when there was a tentative knock on the door.
It was Younger Son.
"Are you guys watching TV in bed?" he asked.
"Okay.  I heard funny noises, and I just wanted to be sure where it was coming from."

"You hear that?" I winked at The Husband.  "We can make all the funny noises we want now, and Younger Son will think it's the TV."


vw bug said...


Andy said...

Just make sure you don't make enough funny noises that he thinks you and Dad are watching porn.

That would set a bad example.

Just sayin'...

Andy said...

BTW, I "bit" on the Candy Corn Hat dealie.

My brother-in-law is making decent money selling hand-made birdhouses on something called "etsy." I've never even meandered over there, but The Mrs. tells me that etsy is where folks go to look for hand-made items.

You might want to gooble it, and see if it'll work as a platform for your stuff. Just a suggestion.

(You can use my pitcher of me in my chicken hat as an example iffen you royalties required).

diamond dave said...

If you're feeling REALLY brave, you could've just told him he was hearing the sounds of sex. Of course, you don't have to tell him the SOURCE, because it just might've been the TV after all. Leave it up to his imagination. And then watch him run screaming out of the bedroom, and possibly the house.