Wednesday, October 26, 2011


You know that delicate layer of consciousness between sleep and awake where your thoughts are brilliant and you solve the world's problems... however, once you break that layer, the solutions are gone and you're left with a feeling of having lost something very important.


I stumbled across a very thick layer of brilliance last night.  So thick was this layer that I remember what it was I had been contemplating.  And here it is:

"If we have putt-putt golf, we should also have putt-putt bowling."

Thick, I tell ya.


Christie Critters said...

And what did the members of your family say to this revelation?

I dreamed the "meat of the plot of a novel" the other night and all The Bearded One said was, "Oh, good." Nothing about my brillance or general specialness or how wonderful it was to have a plot outline dreamed out for me a week before NaNoWriMo...

I hope your brilliance was better appreciated.

Roses said...

Really, Christie, do you think I'd tell my family about this?

No, no. I save this kind of information for people who understand me. ;-)

Christie Critters said...

But Putt-Putt Bowling makes such sense! Unweighted pins. Alleys that are short, but have curvature and obstacles. NO GUTTERS.

I say you patent the idea, get it rolling (so to speak) and THEN tell the family.

Such an innovative idea should not be lost to humanity!