Friday, September 02, 2011

"Acting! Brilliant! Thank you!" - Master Thespian

I auditioned for and accepted a small part in the local community theater's upcoming production.
The director had been afraid I'd really wanted the female lead, but I told him the secondary female had all the funny lines.  He then tried to tell me I was wrong, which I thought was really foolish for someone who didn't want me to feel bad about getting the part he was assigning me, but whatever.

As we took a break during rehearsals last night, I wandered around working my lines into regular conversation with the other actors, making them crack up laughing.
More than one remarked, "You have all the funniest lines, you know."
"Yes, I know."

Show me the funny, people.
Show me the funny.


Dani said...

Ooooooh (theatre nerd jumps up and down in her seat)what play, what play?

Flock O' Fuzzies said...

I'd rather have all the funny lines myself as well. Keeps things interesting and they are so much easier to memorize. Which play will you be in?

vw bug said...

I'm with you... funny is better than being the lead!

Roses said...

And... it's a small part!
All the funny, none of the long memorizations!


Mrs. Who said...

Break a leg!

Bou said...

Dang it. I want to see it!

I'd go for funny too. It would be fun to play and... is more memorable.

Andy said...

I was in a play once.

I was a tree. A pretty dang funny tree, too.

No seriously, I played "Jimmy The Rover" in "Mad Anthony," which was a US bicentennial play event dealie in 1976 based on the life of Revolutionary War figure Anthony Wayne. Gooble him.

Anyway, Jimmy was a spy who spied real good for the continentals. On the opening night of the play, there was a scene in a tavern where I was to draw my sword, place the tip on the floor, and spout some grandiose line which I can not now remember. The sword stuck in the floor of the stage. I mean...really stuck in the floor of the stage. It would NOT come out of the wooden floor...kinda like a reverse sword in the stone deal.

There were dignitaries there from Washington to observe this bicentennial event deal. I was stuck as to what to do, so I just kinda shrugged, raised eyebrows, and walked off the stage. The whole place erupted with laughter. I'm still not sure why, but I tried it again on the second night of the gig.

Damn sword wouldn't even try to stick. I dropped it, and everybody in the audience just kinda felt sorry for me. I never tried out for a play again. Man, that was a long, worthless comment!

Oh yeah good. Break a nose, or a collarbone, or sumthin'!!!

Arwen said...

Acting is so much fun! I can't wait to hear more from the wings...

Moogie P said...

Break a leg! (Not a nose or a collarbone. That wouldn't be funny.)