Sunday, July 17, 2011

Two Word Movie Review - Deathly Hallows part 2

I have many thoughts on the final Harry Potter movie, but not enough time to do it justice.
Let's just say I liked it, want to see it again, and will probably buy the DVD... at full price.

As much as I loved it, I hope there is never another.
It would be wrong.
A "next generation" version could only be a short-lived cheesy TV series that got as much airtime as Neville's toad, Trevor.
I could almost (almost) convince myself that a full-length feature film of "The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore" might be intriguing as an insertion between Hallows parts 1 and 2... but fully unnecessary.

Be that as it may...

For your two-word review, I also don't have time to pick the proper two words, as there are so many appropriate ones.

Obviously, there's:  The End
But, that's too obvious.

Since so many characters and creatures were reunited for the battle scene at Hogwart's, your two words could be:  Class Reunion

Or, since a major focus of the final movie is the battle at the magical school, you might get:  Class Warfare

But, I offer you this last with a bow and a nod: 

Class.  Dismissed.


G.G. Mueller said...

Well said.....

freckledme said...

Mischief Managed.

Dani said...

I'm aprehensive. I liked the first few movies but they seemed to get farther off track as they went along. I hated HBP with a firey passion that consumes....well Horcruxes. But I thought DH P1 was getting back on track. I'm just scared I'll be disapointed with the end and it will pull the others down with it. But of corse my curiosity will win in the end.

Roses said...

FreckledMe: Also, a good two words!

Dani: If you hated the later movies because they moved too fast and explained too little, then HP DH2 will disappoint. It hits the ground running and, like a flat stone skipping across a lake, touches on only the most important bits of the story.

I like the books so much more than the movies because so many of the details that make up the subtle tones and hues of the big picture are watered down to the basic blacks and whites for sake of time constraints.

For instance: the whole backstory of the house elves, Ron's intense jealousy of Harry, Neville's importance to the prophecy, and how *did* Dumbledore become the owner of the Elder Wand anyway?

Still, they did a good job of making sure all the dots were connected in each of the movies for all the folks who've never read the books.

We went to the 2D version.
I can't see any reason to bother with 3D, frankly.
I am thankful they didn't throw in any gratuitous 3D stunts just for the sake of making a 3D movie.
They made this film for the story.


Thumper said...

I haven't seen it yet, but the couple of people I know who have seen it in 2D and 3D say it's totally worth seeing in 3D.

Bou said...

We saw it last night, 2D. I loved it. I didn't read the books, but will eventually. But I loved the last movie, more so than some of those in between and the end saddened me because it was closure to my eldest's childhood. HP got him reading like a madman in 2nd grade and by the last book, we stood in line at Midnight with all the college kids dressed up... and he stayed up all night reading it.

We went to every movie... sometimes just the two of us. His brothers were too young. He loved those books and so with his reading the last one a few years ago and now with our watching the last movie... it just feels like the end of his childhood.

I cried during the Snapes life scene.

My two words: Very Fun.

Mrs. Who said...

Another good two words 'Finite Incatatem'.

Because as you said about not having another movie: all good things must come to an end, in order for them to remain 'good'.

Anonymous said...

I heard Raven Symone will star in a Harry Potter prequel, called "That's So Ravenclaw"