Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Show me the money

Another dream from the mind of Roses...

Walking to my car in a dark parking lot, I was carrying a purse I used to have in high school... a canvas zippered bag with a shoulder strap. A man approached and tried to take my purse. But I held on and wrestled it away from him.

As he shrank into the dark recesses of the parking lot, I felt bad for him.
"Do you need some money?" I called after him.

I reached into this big pouch of a purse of mine and found it simply stuffed full of bills.
A couple dollars, I was thinking. A couple dollars.
How in the world can I fish out just a few dollars without him seeing how much money I have?

So, I grabbed any old bill, figuring no matter what denomination it turned out to be, I had plenty more.
The bill I pulled out and handed to him... was $100.

And then the dream morphed into some complex work dream where I was supposed to be producing a radio show from my car, except I didn't have a clock to know what time to hit the proper buttons.
And from there, the dream turned into something where I walked up to a total stranger's house and introduced myself as Roses from AckThbbbt, and the woman inside was another blogger who was happy to meet me.

There you go!
Analyze that one!


Priscilla said...

I remember having a similar money dream. Wonder what it means. . . Like I subconsciously think I'm ever gonna have that much money??

Anonymous said...

What did the house look like?

Richmond said...

Wow - I wish I had a bag full of money.... ;)

Rave said...

Okay- lets start with the money part-

Seeing money indicates success or prosperity is within your reach....but someone was trying to take it from you...which indicates competition, and your hogging the money means insecurity or selfishness. But then you gave money to him- giving money in a dream is giving love.
Let's take a look at the purse....a purse holds represents secrets/desires and or thoughts....usually closely held or guarded thoughts. The purse further indicates your sense of self or your state of mind.
Have you felt like you are immature and/or 17 again or like you did when you were in high school?
A purse also can mean the womb...are you pregnant? :)
When you fought with the thief it meant power and won, but gave money from your purse to the were the bigger person.

Now- a clock symbolizes importance of time in a waking situation....feeling anxiety of not being on top of things...but your clock is missing....clocks also symbolize the ticking of the human heart....thus the emotional side of your life.

Work- indicates that you are experiencing some anxiety about a current project or task....or it could mean you need to 'get back to work' because you have been slacking. If you are hard at work, that means success and merit.

But then you go to a stranger's house....a woman...and a woman represents nurturing, passivity and a caring nature. It also refers to your own female aspects or it could represent your mother. If you know the woman, it may mean you have concerns and feelings about her. But you said it was a stranger...and strangers signify a part of yourself that is repressed or hidden...and usually it offers insight and advice.

If I had to put it all together??? I would say that you are anxious about work, in a competitive environment or situation that you are struggling with and on a time restraint, you want to be the bigger person but you are not sure what to do....and your dream is telling you to listen to and be yourself.
After all, you were happy to meet you.

Roses said...

Anonymous: Just. Like. Yours!

Rave: You are awesome! (I thought the woman in the house looked familiar.)