Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The occasional shop

One of our advertisers is an occasional shop.
The concept of "occasional shop" is new (and foreign) to me.
In this client's case, she is open four days, one weekend a month.


The salesman account representative for this client has tried to explain the concept to me, but I just can't fathom it.  Why would you confuse your customers by being available so infrequently?

And while this shop's choice of hours is not in his control, I kinda enjoy harassing the salesman account rep about the inconvenience.
"I'll never remember which weekend she's open even though I'm the one who records her ad.  I'll just never remember."

Monday morning, I passed the account rep in the hallway.
"Hey, I forgot to go to that store again this weekend."

But he had a new response this time.
"She's open every Saturday throughout the summer!"
"Really?  Even *I* can remember that."
"Of course, it's only for three hours."
"Three hours?"
He chuckled at the ridiculousness of it.  "Yeah."
"Are they at least consecutive hours?"

He walked away laughing.


DearHelenHartman said...

Wow, that IS occasional. Of course here in the American South that is not uncommon with eateries - one nearby has painted on the door under 'hours' - If the door is open, we're open, call a friend. If the door is locked, we're closed, call back later. If the door is open when it should be locked, call the police.

Andy said...

DearHelen, Heh!

Dani said...

We had a place like that here was only open on Tuesdays originaly. Last I checked they gave up on that (who has time to shop during the week) and were open 7 days a week. It's a stupid business model really.

Thumper said...

That's worse than the restaurants around here that close at 3 pm. Like...WTF?

Mrs. Who said...

There's a restaurant around here called the 'Road Kill Cafe'. Only open for lunch. During the week. When I can't make it. But I so want to eat there!

Roses said...

You'd think a place called Road Kill Cafe would only be open during high traffic hours.
You know, when there was something to serve.

...thump thump...
"Hey Maw! We got fresh meat!"

Mrs. Who said...

Heh...the mural on the side of the restaurant shows a man with a grill by the side of the road...there's a big rig coming down the road and all sorts of cute critters in the way!

Bou said...

Mrs. Who, HOLY CATS! I just passed that restaurant last week with the kids! I said to my son, who was sitting shotgun, "Oh, appetizing..." Heh.

Roses- An occasional shop? I have never heard of such a thing and I live in a large city area. Hunh.