Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thanks for coming; now get out

The Husband and I came home from a long day at work to find a variety of teenaged boys strewn about the house.  After some interrogation I determined the boys were having a video game tournament of sorts; so even though some of them looked bored and inattentive, they were merely waiting their turns.  Twenty minutes, they told me, should be enough time to finish.
"Great," I said.  "Because when you're done, we're kicking you all out."

A great group of kids.  When they finished, they quietly packed up their gear and headed for the door.
"Thanks for coming," I told them as they left. 
"Thanks for letting us come over," from several of them.
And to make sure they understood we were tired, not of their company, but of exhaustion, I remarked, "You're welcome any time!  Just not right now."

Chuckles from teenage boys:  priceless.

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Christie Critters said...

Love it! Our house is gaming central. We have a downstairs family room and Stubble bought a LARGE flat screen for it for gaming purposes (yes, he earned the money himself and we lose it when he moves out). His friends have brought their consoles and controlers so we now have a PlayStation, Xbox, Xbox360, wii, and a tricked out gaming desktop...and we have the people attached to them evenings and weekends (they "pay" for the food and floor space with "heavy lifting" during housework...)
Although at times I complain about not having the house to ourselves, when Stubble goes and his friends go with him, our house will be obscenely quiet.