Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not Exactly Stereo

There were issues that required both the program director and the engineer to leap into action during my on-air shift.  They dashed back and forth between my studio and the adjoining transmitter room.  To make their tasks easier to maneuver, we propped open the door between the two rooms.

The speakers in the transmitter room play the same thing I broadcast from the studio only slightly delayed.  So, with the door propped open, and both sets of speakers turned up rather loud, there was something of an echo which we all could hear.

While waiting for a computer to reset successfully (which would signal the end of all the running around), we three were actually quiet for a moment as the two rooms blasted network news through the studio.

"Hey!" I declared.  "The voices in my head are saying the same thing as what's on the radio... only a split second later!"

I got a laugh.
The computer logged on properly.
And all was well.

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