Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Sorry, guys.
Usually I post every day without any effort. On any given day, I'd have a whole week's worth of posts lined up and ready to post each morning at 7am CDT.

But, with the anniversary of Mom's death and the last day of my co-worker coming together at the end of the week, I'm just not seeing the funny everywhere like I normally do.

On the plus side, I'm not as depressed as I feared I'd be.
So... I've got that going for me.

Just wanted to let you know.
If you can wait, it'll come back around.



The Gray Monk said...

Keep smiling, the funny will return, though it does one good to take time out and just reflect for a while.

Roses said...

Thanks, G-Monk.

Dani said...

Take your time. We understand.

I'm having a hard time finding inspiration myself. No reason just not feeling it.

G.G. Mueller said...

We can wait. We are here. Always.

Thumper said...

:::sits, waits, slides the plate of cookies over:::

nnmlknw said...

What Dani said. Take your time.

Roses said...

Thanks, guys.
I just didn't want y'all to wander off or anything.
::wipes crumbs from Thumper's cookies off face with shirt sleeve::

Moogie P said...

The heck with cookies -- here, take this glass of wine, add a little cheese, sit outdoors under a tree with it, and savor.

The good memories do come back. I promise.

Bou said...

We won't wander. Will sit and wait... and think good thoughts for you.

I have a bottle of chocolate wine I've been saving. If you were here, I'd break it out for you and we could share. (I'm not sad. Just sad for you...)

Roses said...

::slides uncomfortably close to Moogie P and pulls Bou over::

Hello. You have wine?