Thursday, May 05, 2011

Now, I'm thinking what? The hell!

Let me start by saying I really like this Avril Lavign song.
Then let me follow up by saying I liked it a lot more before I watched the video.

Anyone else think it's a little ridiculous for a twenty-something woman to sing about how she's been good all her life, and now she deserves to have a little reckless fun?

You poor thing.

I'm thinking, what the hell?
Try living a decent life until you're in your forties.
Your song will take on a whole new meaning, sister.

Until then, put on a frickin' shirt.



Dani said...

Amen Sista!

nnmlknw said...


Thumper said...

Well, to be fair, she's 27, and that's *practically* 30... ;)

Bou said...

Its kind of a fun video, but I wanted to tell the guy, "Move on!" Silent prayer, 'Dear Lord, don't let my boys hook up with a character like that...'

But your post reminded me of the time my eldest went to sit on Santa's lap. It was Christmas Eve as I'd been too busy with three kids under four. I'd done all my shopping in August. He gets on his lap and says, "More than anything in the world, for my entire life, I've wanted... abc"

First thought, "You're entire life? You're frickin' FOUR!" Second thought voiced out loud, to my husband, "Run, baby, Run. Here's a $20! The store is still open!"

That whole 'my entire life' thing is the same reaction for me... whether aged 4 or 27. It's a *blink* moment.