Thursday, March 17, 2011

You hate my job.

Yelling at me because you don't like the radio station's talk show host, is like shopping at WalMart and yelling at the cashier when you can't find anything made in the USA in their store.

1)  It's not our fault.  We are not responsible for content.
2)  No one is forcing you to be here.  It costs you nothing to walk away.  If you are SO unhappy, go.  You are disturbing the other customers.

More than once, I've had to say on the air, "It takes one button to change the station on your radio.  It takes SEVEN buttons to dial up the studio to complain."
No one has yet told me to stop telling listeners to go away.
And by the way...
I'm kinda tired of the same people who claim they "hate" my radio station trying so hard to get their business or fundraising event information aired for free.  If we so suck, why would you want to?
Buy an ad, you cheap piece o' crap.  (There, a little Irish for St. Patrick's Day.)

I woke up feeling quite defensive today.
Listeners have not been kind lately.


Dani said...

Mwah! (That's a kiss for being Irish)

Sorry work is less fun these days. At many past jobs I've quoted Clerks freely (and probably incorectly) "This job would be great if it wasn't for all the F'n customers"

Richmond said...

Oh good grief... :/ Mean people suck!

Moogie P said...

You go, lassie!

DogsDontPurr said...

There's a common bumper sticker that reads:"Mean People Suck." But I once saw one that was edited to just say: "People Suck." Amen!

I feel your pain.

Sadly, we should really pity these people because their lives must be truly miserable.

But still, People Suck!!!
(Not you, of course!)

Roses said...

My two favorite at-work phrases:

"I'd be fine if it weren't for people."
"People suck. I hate everybody."

So, I see y'all are pretty much on my wavelength. :)

Andy said...

Roses, I thought of a VERY witty comment when I read this post this morning. But, I was too busy to post it.

Now it is 11:06 pm, and I've forgotten what it was.


It really is hard to keep a positive outlook on life with all these damn people!

I'm just supposing here, but I imagine that radio stations in WI right now are sort of a "field of play" with all that's going on.

Must suck being the Not even that really, because even the watergal wants their team to win. It's more like you're the gal that takes the tickets at the gate getting ragged on because one coach or another is ticking folks off. Must really suck!

vwbug said...

Working in IT, I so get it. You hear all the bad and not much of the good from 'customers'. Just imagine you are a duck with a nice coating on your wings and they are the water rolling off. ;-)

Bou said...

And it doesn't help what is going on Politically in your state. People are probably meaner and suckier than usual... both sides.