Thursday, February 10, 2011

Remember that hair I donated?

I received a letter of thanks from Pantene Beautiful Lengths yesterday. Though it's probably a form letter they send to everyone, it nearly made me cry.

Exactly one month since Lily died.

If you know a woman who's lost her hair through cancer treatments, please encourage her to contact the American Cancer Society and see if she can get one of the free wigs Pantene has helped create.


gizzylaw said...

What a lovely, lovely gift. I am in awe at the power of women when we get together to help each other.

St Jude said...

My grandmother sold her hair during the second world war to feed her children, my grandfather was fighting in the war and she needed money to feed the family. She had the most beautiful hair and it was made into a wig. Several years ago my friend lost her hair through chemotherapy and she joked one day that she would love hair like mine. Six weeks later she had a lovely new wig and I was bald like her. We thought it was hillarious. She still has the wig and we take turns to share it.

freckledme said...

I have an appt. this weekend for a haircut, it'll be my 5th Beautiful Lengths donation, but probably the lat. (Rotten gray hair that no one wants is to blame for that.)

Roses said...

St. Jude: You must've had quite the head of hair! Pantene needs six ponytails to make a wig.

freckledme: Yeah. The gray hair. By the time I grow my hair long enough again, I'll be too gray, too. Thbbbt.