Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I suppose I asked for that one.

Elder Son gave me a big hug last night.  Being the goofball I am, I patted his back and said, "I wonder if I can get him to burp like when he was a baby."

Being the boy he is, he immediately belched.

And then continued to belch at me for the rest of the evening.



The Gray Monk said...

Yup, asked for it - and got it.

Dani said...

Yep be carefull what you ask for.

Miss Em said...

Silly Mom...
Males just love to "Belch".
No matter what their age.

;~0 BWAhahahaha

Lord-dee, you just got to Love-em.

Miss Em

Thumper said...

Heh. He wins.

blueyeoki said...

Yup you asked for it, silly Mommy.
Maybe next time he can burp his abc's. NOW THATS MALE TALENT!!!!!!!
As always have a great day

Andy said...

My #3 son can belch The Star Spangled Banner.

He's an Army Reserve Medic, too. Just think! He's what's standing between us and our enemies.

Miss Em said...


Have you recorded it so you can play it for his kids when he thinks no-one remembers?
Silly #3 thinking that Dad won't forget moments like that.

OH and ya-yah I'm very thankful that he is what's standing between us and our enemies.

Miss Em